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PA Connections

Jan 18, 2021

In this episode, Bridget Winterhalter, PA-C joins Professor Brandon Beattie, PA-C to discuss some tips & tricks for new PA graduates on topics such as: job hunting, the importance of finding a good Supervising Physician, navigating from student to practicing PA as well as the most important things you learn on the job that aren't necessarily taught in PA school.

Ms. Winterhalter is a Physician Assistant specializing in Plastic Surgery in the Los Angeles, California area. She received her Bachelor Degree from George Washington University and earned a dual PA/MPH degree from Yale University.

Additionally, she utilizes her social media platforms to connect and advise those wishing to succeed in the PA field. She can be found on Instagram (@busybeingbridget).

Podcasts to earn Category I CME

This podcast features the song “Reach For Success” (…Reach_Success) by Scott Holmes, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial (01 license.